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We Build the Political Will for Action

At Citizens’ Climate Lobby, we’re committed to building the political will for the climate solutions we all need. As empowered citizens, we talk with neighbors, friends, and local officials about how national climate action can help ensure a healthy future while strengthening the American economy.

Our volunteers include high school students and concerned grandparents, engineers in the Texas natural gas industry and house painters from New England, and farmers from Virginia to California’s Central Valley. Some are PhD’s who have spent careers researching the intricacies of climate change; others are concerned citizens who just want to know how to help. Whatever our  backgrounds, we’re all united by a commitment to making our voices heard as we call for a healthy climate future.

CCL volunteers are organized into hundreds of local chapters across the US and around the world. These chapters build political support for climate action with a variety of tools, which they use in keeping with their local culture and politics. By focusing on shared values rather than partisan divides, we build relationships with community leaders and with federal elected officials and with Congress, always starting from a place of respect, gratitude, and appreciation.

This approach often reveals a surprising openness to climate action on the part of officials who have yet to publicly embrace climate solutions.  Through developing respectful relationships, cultivating and demonstrating local support, and promoting a climate solution that has appeal across the political spectrum, we move our leaders towards action that will preserve a healthy climate and a livable world.